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Natural mould removal
Mould questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Mould Treatment

Q –     What Is EnzyCleanse?

A –      XSporWA ‘Enzycleanse’ is a new Life Sciences, organic and environmentally safe mould cleansing formula which reacts with mould rendering it harmless, and also deodorises the area treated. Its Catalytic Enzymes are non-reactive and very stable with their effectiveness remaning active for long periods. 

Completely safe for humans and materials, the only thing affected by the XSporWA treatment is the contamination itself. Non-destructive and long lasting, XSporWA's services are the green solution.

Q –     How Does EnzyCleanse Work?

A –     Enzymes in the XSporWA's formulation are highly specific, developed to interact with biological contaminants, inanimate allergens and mold stains and odors. As such the XSpor Catalytic Enzymes are harmless to other substances. Working catalytically, means that they enable reactions, the enzymes are not consumed in the process, as such the Enzymes remain active and retain their effectiveness for long periods.

Q –     Is It Toxic?

A –     EnzyCleanse’s Enzymes are organic and totally safe. Everything in the XSporWA's formulation is recognized as "Generally Regarded As Safe" (GRAS) by the US FDA / USDA.

Q –     How Is EnzyCleanse Applied?

A –     EnzyCleanse’s Enzymes are scientifically engineered to safely clean up the contamination created by biological contaminated inanimate allergen odours and stains. EnzyCleanse has the additional benefit of not being a pesticide, and therefore has no toxic pesticidal activity.  The formula, applied in micron delivery form, having been verified to be safe for humans, pets and plants, and is no more "destructive" than a simple mist of water unlike most other treatments on the market today which use harsh chemicals that actually relies on their toxicity to have any effect at all.

The non-volatile nature of EnzyCleanse interaction with porous surfaces allows the enzymes to penetrate deeper and remain effective longer. Using XSporWA's EnzyCleanse, you don't have to make holes in your walls -- or remove them -- to reach embedded contamination.

Because the treatment is applied in micron delivery form, it is helpful to move furniture and other objects away from the affected area to ensure air flow. Delicate items should be covered, and the removal of plants and pets is recommended. The XSporWA technician walks through the area directing the application of 10 micron particles to the areas where contamination is most evident. The applicator will can reach ceilings and into duct work.

Q –     Why Do I Need to Leave My Premises for 24 Hours When Treated?

A –     The reason we ask you to leave your premises for 24 hours once treatment occurs is to allow the product time to permeate throughout the premise without being affected by people moving through areas or open doors creating airflow which may affect the product penetration. This also allows the product to be absorbed properly into other areas without interruption and reduces any chance of an allergic reaction to exposure to the natural components which makes up the EnzyCleanse formulation.

Q –     What Causes Mould?

A –        When mould growth and contamination is found within a structure it is always due to some type of water intrusion. This can be in the form of a roof leak, a plumbing leak, or even high humidity due to an improperly adjusted air conditioning unit. The sources are many, but no matter what the source of the water, it must be identified and corrected.

Biological contamination odor and inanimate allergen mold stains are a common form of fungi, the family that includes mushrooms. Fungi differ from common plants primarily because the fungi do not possess chlorophyll -- the material that gives plants their greenness and is essential to photosynthesis (the process by which plants derive energy from sunlight.) Still, a fungus can be useful, even tasty.

However, fungi need energy from somewhere, and most often that source is a polysaccharide -- a complex organic molecule. The most common polysaccharide is cellulose. And cellulose is commonly found in wood products, including paper, and unfortunately, including the very paper that is a component in standard wall board or drywall. Add in the fact that these contaminates thrive on dampness and it's easy to see how a home can become a virtual greenhouse for biological contamination, inanimate allergens and mould stains & odours.

Biological contaminates, inanimate allergens and mould stains and odours are living organisms. They don't really spread --- they grow. In the process of growing, these pathogens produce a wide variety of contaminants, many of which become airborne.  It is these contaminants that make people sick. 

Q –     What is Mould?

A-       Biological contaminates, inanimate allergens and mould stains & odours begin with a spore, which grows into a strand called a hypha. Over time the hyphae become a dense intertwined mat (mycelium). This is the stage we visually associate with the presence of contaminates. At this point, sporulation takes place, producing the next generation of spores. And so the cycle will continue, unless interrupted by identifying and removing the water source.

Q –     Does EnzyCleanse Remove Mould Stains?

A –       No – treatment with EnzyCleanse renders the mould inert by breaking down the chemical bonds that holds the mould together. It does not clean previously stained surfaces, ceilings or walls. As such following treatment surfaces should be cleaned and HEPA vacuumed to remove inert mould materials. As such, it is recommended that following the EnzyCleanse treatment (as the mould is then inert), stained surfaces should be repainted with a mould blocker primer to cover/hide the stains.

Q –     Can you effectively treat mould with water contamination still present?

A –       No – Treatment with EnzyCleanse should be completed only after all leaks have been remediated and the area has been dried out. This is the only way to break the mould cycle.

It should be noted that another form of water contamination is humidity. High humidity will further reduce the effectiveness of the EnzyCleanse product and can lead to regrowth of mould within a premises. As such rooms should be ventilated to allow humidity to disburse and bring internal levels to an acceptable point.

Q –     Can you effectively treat mould in Ceilings or Attic Spaces?

A –      YES - we may treat inside ceilings or Attic Spaces but do not provide warranties in these areas owing to the use of insulation above a ceiling, and high levels of airflow through ventilation (whirly birds or roof tiles) penetration of the EnzyCleanse product may be prevented from reaching the surface. 

When the EnzyCleanse treatment is used in a room however, the product will week through porous surfaces and maintain its presence within the ceiling material for a period of time beyond the initial treatment.

Q –     Can you effectively treat mould in furniture or fittings?

A –       Yes – furniture may be treated for mould with EnzyCleanse on the understanding that the success of the treatment is dependent on the product permeating throughout the piece of furniture. As XsporWA cannot guarantee that the materials used to construct the furniture are permeable by nature or allow the levels of treatment required to be drawn through the fabric and/or padding to all areas of mould contained within the item, we cannot warranty treatment on these items.

It should also be noted understood that treatment of any furniture/fitting is on the condition it is installed in its final location and is not subject to transport once treatment has occurred. Transport of furniture in trailers furthermore inhibits the products ability to continue to provide effective coverage owing to air pressure reducing/inhibiting continued coverage of surfaces.

Q –     Does XsporWA Offer a Guarantee on Treatments?

A –       Yes – whole premises that are treated in one application using the EnzyCleanse product is offered a two-year limited retreatment guarantee meaning that in the event the contaminants return within that period the company may provide a reinspection or retreatment of the affected areas at no cost.

This is subject to pre-and post-environmental testing being completed by an independent environmental and surface testing authority to identify not only the type of contamination within the premise but also to collect photographic records relating to water contamination and other aspects which may contribute to the initial and ongoing problems. In the event that these testing is not completed, XsporWA reserves the right to refuse any warranty claim in the future.

Q –     Liability for Health Conditions.

A –       XsporWA provides a cleaning service which is provided on the understanding that the company does not accept any responsibility or liability for past present or future health conditions associated with the contaminated premise. As such we are not liable for medical fees or treatments associated with any undiagnosed/diagnosed condition.

Air and Surface Sampling

Q –     What Is Environmental Air and Surface Testing?

A –     XSporWA utilises independent external laboratories to verify contaminants and the associated levels of toxicity within premises through air and surface testing. Utilising Air–o–Cell and Bio-film strip testing, our technicians will take samples of the environmental conditions within your home and have it independently analysed with a complete chain of evidence provided to the testing laboratory.  This provides peace of mind to the owner knowing that they are not relying on a sales pitch but on hard data relating to their homes or premises.

Q –     Testing/Verification of Contamination?

A –      We use Enzycleanse with Catalytic Enzymes that penetrates and dissolves the bonds that hold mould spores together thereby eliminating contamination in affected areas. Post Testing is essential to verify the treatment has delivered to desired results and forms the basis for comparison of the continued effectiveness (above background levels) if reinspection is required.

XSpor treatments are verified by independent third-party lab testing. This documentation can protect you in much the same way that EnzyCleanse can protect your property providing a breakdown of the levels of toxins and exposures in the areas tested. It also through post treatment testing provides a record of the effectiveness of the product giving you peace of mind that EnzyCleanse has reduced your exposures.

Q –     Does This Service Cost More?

A –     Independent environmental testing does represented additional cost to the client. The cost includes collection of samples and analysis by a independent third-party laboratory together with a report generated by the laboratory clearly defining the level of toxicity in contamination within the tested areas of the premises. The costs associated with collecting samples are therefore passed on to the client and are also used to verify through post testing the success of the treatment. Independent testing is part of the requirement for the two-year retreatment guarantee to be applicable as it clearly defines baselines following the treatment.

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