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Natural mould removal

The Science of Nature

The Science of Nature


XsporWA provides the only truly natural mould remediation solution in ‘Enzycleanse’™,

a plant enzyme-based, a ground-breaking formula which penetrates deeply into porous materials through its unique application method and has the added safety of being completely harmless to humans, pets and plants.

XsporWA's mould removal treatment using ‘Enzycleanse’™ has up to 2 years effectiveness when a whole property is treated. 


This presents a desirable alternative to the traditional toxic chemical treatments used by others. 

How does it work?

Like plant cells, fungal cells are protected by a cell wall. Unlike plants, fungi cell walls are made of chitin.


‘Enzycleanse’™ has been proven to eradicate mould by destroying the protective DNA of the mould spore (chitin), rendering it harmless and unable to reproduce. The product

retains its effectiveness for up to two years. The active ingredient in Enzycleanse® is a proprietary mixture of naturally occurring plant based enzymes, the types of which are widely used in cosmetics, laundry detergents, nutritional supplements, and many other consumer products. 


There is nothing in ‘Enzycleanse’™ that will pose a short or long-term health risk and it

has been used for over a decade on thousands of structures (homes, schools, commercial and government buildings, schools, apartments, and hotels) with no health or safety issues.


We believe this presents a much-preferred solution than applying toxic, reactive chemicals, which when applied, immediately lose their effectiveness, and can cause harmful reactions to humans, whilst still allowing the mould root structure to grow.


‘Enzycleanse’™ has been used in Australia with remarkable results in removing mould from residential homes, public buildings, Foxtel Film Studios, Government Buildings, and other structures such as luxury yachts and caravans.


‘Enzycleanse’™ has been graded by the U.S. Federal Food Drug Administration (FDA) and given approval as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) – this is the highest regarded

grading for any natural substance or enzyme that is added to food or used in scientific preparations.

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