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Long term Bio-Protection for surfaces and skin against 99.9% of pathogens

30-90 Days protection for surfaces

  MicroSURE is the game-changer !  

  Making Every Space  
  A Safe Place  

To improve is to change

Imagine only having to sanitise all of your frequently used surfaces once a month and all other surfaces every 90 days

Well with microSURE its a reality that is changing the way we sanitise

MicroSURE Technology surface protectant is the game-changer in not only sanitising but also long term Bio protection against bacteria & the pathogens

Sanitising shouldn't be a hindrance, an hourly,daily, or weekly chore and drain on a businesses finances and staff resources. Leave it to us! We are here to let businesses get back to running their business and let us take care of your sanitising needs.


We Service Your Space Once A Month

We arrive at your place of business and using an electrostatic sprayer we apply microSURE Surface protectant to all surfaces to control the potential spread of pathogens & bacteria .


This is an extremely cost-effective solution for any business as you only need to reapply to high touch points every 4 weeks saving costs on staff and no longer using toxic chemicals.

When MicroSURE is sprayed on to surfaces it forms a new surface layer invisible to the eye, any Bacterias that are unfortunate enough to come in contact with a microSURE™ modified surface, exhaust themselves, wither and die,

Citrus Fruits

How Does MicroSURE Work?

We have surface technology that is beyond the traditional short-term chemical approach.

When a surface is coated with microSURE™, millions of "invisible" nanoscopic crystalline-like structures begin forming and bonding (with the surface), effectively forming a new surface that is hostile to the cells of a biothreat.

This newly mechanically modified surface prevents adhesion, disrupts microbial communication, and prohibits colonization, reproduction, and proliferation.

And lasts a long time after you apply it to surfaces.

Killing bacteria

MicroSURE Antimicrobial Solutions

How Does it Work?

MicroSURE is an advanced eco-friendly nanotechnology product that provides immediate defence against all bacteria, viruses and microbes, including mould spores.


It is an ideal added protection post mould removal and is completely safe for humans, pets and plants.

Mechanical Kill Nanotechnology

The nanotechnology ‘mechanically kills’ all bacteria, viruses and other microbes on direct contact.

It can be used on any surface or area including carpets, clothing and other areas that can be affected by bacteria or viruses.

Once applied it works immediately and continues to prevent and kill bacteria, viruses and harmful microbes for up to 90 days.

Now available in Australia exclusively through XsporWA.
Already used worldwide by many organisations

company that uses microsure
company that uses microsure
company that uses microsure
company that uses microsure
company that uses microsure
company that uses microsure

MicroSURE Antimicrobial Protection for Surfaces

Residential & Commercial

Protection from viruses

from $8.50 per sqm

Give your home a breath of fresh air 

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