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So you have mould in your home and you just don’t know where it is, what’s causing it or how to find it. The good news is that we can help solve your problems.


Often the first sign that you have mould is the smell. You will be able to detect a bad odour coming from somewhere in your indoor airspace environment. 


The smell is usually the first identifier because mould typically grows in places you can’t see or don’t get to clean to often. Of course the ultimate goal is to ensure that you don’t get mould growing at all but let’s face it, everybody and I mean everybody gets mould problems somewhere. 


Mould requires four things to grow:

  • Water / Moisture 
  • A temperature between 18 – 30 degrees 
  • Oxygen
  • Mould spores


If all of these things are present in any given place. You are going to have mould growing. 

So how do you know how bad the mould situation is? If you have people in the house coughing, being sick constantly or having trouble breathing, its pretty bad.


The first thing to do is identify where the mould is located. To do this you can use the San-Air Mould and Bacteria Test Kit. Its very simple and only takes a week to get your results.


How to use:

  • Open one of the ampoule’s and place on surface, inside your air-conditioner or in your water for up to a minute. 
  • Place back inside the ampoule and write on it the location that this particular sample taken from 
  • Wait a week and then check the ampoule and compare it to the graph on the instruction inside the box.


Our products are made in Australia with 100% natural and organic Australian ingredients. 


Note: This product does not identify the mould species or levels of contamination.

DIY Mould and Bacteria Test Kit - (10 Pack)

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